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Teaching Portfolio 21

The TP21 project aims to build and reinforce a community of practice among academics internationally who are engaged in creating teaching portfolios as part of their on-going professional development, and to provide a forum to share and discuss ideas and experiences around the world of describing reflective teaching practices through the vehicle of a teaching portfolio.

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We all need to write a teaching portfolio at one time or another during our lives as academics, whether it’s for an application for a new job, for a promotion or contract renewal, for a teaching award nomination or for an application for fellowship of a professional body, such as the Higher Education Academy/ Advance HE in the UK.  Some people also choose to create a teaching portfolio as a tool for on-going self-reflection, allowing them to document and reflect upon their attempts, both successful and unsuccessful, to enhance their teaching.
The TP21 web site is intended to support anyone preparing for the task of creating a teaching portfolio.  Some of the support it contains is in the form of information and advice about the process of writing a teaching portfolio.  This includes links to the websites of a variety of universities around the world, and samples of authentic teaching portfolios from a range of disciplines.  For many academics, their teaching portfolios also need to take account of relevant local or national teaching standards frameworks, such as the Professional Standards Framework, which underpins fellowship of the Higher Education Academy, or the new Universitas 21 Teaching Standards Framework.  Both of these frameworks are explained in this website.

The TP21 website also includes two further resources, access to which requires you to become a member.  The first is a discussion forum, where you can seek the help of your peers around the world, and in turn provide help to others.  The second is a service whereby members can upload extracts from their teaching portfolio for individual feedback from myself and my colleagues.  Both services are free of charge, but please note that to use these services you will need to register as a member and then login with your username and password.