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Global Challenge

Global Challenge is an ambitious project to create a large bank of free-to-download learning and teaching resources to help English teachers around the world provide their students with worthwhile and stimulating classroom learning.

If you wish to include issues of global contemporary importance, such as climate change, environmental protection, global inequality, emerging technologies, and so on, in your English classes, then these materials are designed for you.   In the past month alone, teachers in more than 30 countries have signed up and downloaded our materials.

Global Challenge materials encourage young learners to understand and engage with these topics in a mature way, and to believe that they can proactively work to improve the world.  Learning packs consist of a large number of informative and thought-provoking texts,  creative and critical thinking tasks, and fun activities and games.  They are suitable for children in the 8-14 year age range with IELTS reading scores in the range of 4 to 6.

“Our teaching and learning materials are provided free of charge because we believe that cost should not be an obstacle to young people’s learning – especially when it comes to learning about issues of such pressing importance for the world’s future.”

If, after downloading and using Global Challenge materials, you would like to show your appreciation, please consider donating to an established charity that supports children’s well-being around the world, such as UNICEF.  Check out the UNICEF website at: https://www.unicef.org/.

Over the coming months, learning packs will be regularly created and made available for teachers to download.  Our aim is for our bank of free materials to exceed 500 pages during the coming year.

All you need to do is sign up to access Global Challenge learning packs.  Then, bookmark this page in your browser, and login to the Grange website for regular updates.  We’ve even included a countdown feature so that you can schedule your next download.  We shall also be promoting Global Challenge using LinkedIn, so watch out for our LinkedIn announcements every month or two.  If you have already logged in, you will be automatically directed to ‘Members’ Pages’ in future.

At Grange Education, we have a vision.  Our vision is to provide young people around the world with access to free-to-download, good quality English learning materials with a focus on issues of global contemporary importance.  If just 250 teachers download Global Challenge materials each month and use them with their students, about 180,000 students will benefit each year.  If 750 teachers do this, the number of young people whose English has been enhanced through exposure to the world’s most pressing issues will exceed half a million.  With your help, we can make this happen!