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Teaching Portfolio Upload

Welcome to the teaching portfolio upload page, where you can upload an extract from your teaching portfolio for individual feedback. 

This page of the TP21 website allows you to upload an extract from your teaching portfolio for review by the Grange Education team.

Please limit what you upload to no more than 500 words.  Just cut and paste the extract into the box below and send it to us.  We shall do our very best to respond to you in a timely fashion, but please bear in mind that feedback can be a time-consuming task, and that we are not offering a proof-reading service.

Please remember that to use this service you will need to register as a member and then login with your username and password.

Please note that by uploading your file, you are giving consent for this data to be used for research purposes, so it’s important that you anonymise any personal details in your extract before you send it to us.

Please make sure that you have logged in to access the portfolio upload.

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